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As we see in Oil on Ice, the moment has arrived to shift to a technological system that depends upon renewable energy resources. There are better choices than drilling for oil in one of the planet's most beautiful and biologically productive regions. It is time for concerned citizens to protect the Arctic Refuge and other irreplaceable American heritage sites that are being drilled for oil and gas deposits. It is time for Americans and all of humanity to recognize that the cost of oil dependency to health, to the environment, and to the peace of nations is too high to be sustained for another generation.

Wind powerLetters
Sample letter to your representative


Get more facts
Drilling in the Refuge vs. Energy Efficiency

Energy Security Is a Matter of Fuel Efficiency

The Biggest Single Step
CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards save more oil than we import from the Persian Gulf

Driving Solutions
Facts about hybrid cars

Increasing America's Fuel Economy

A Roadmap to
Oil Independence

Winning the Oil Endgame
This independent, peer-reviewed synthesis for American business and military leaders charts a roadmap for getting the United States completely, attractively, and profitably off oil. The strategy integrates four technological ways to displace oil: using oil twice as efficiently, then substituting biofuels, saved natural gas, and, optionally, hydrogen.

Helpful Guides
Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings

Most Energy-Efficient Appliances

Green Car Buying Guide

Home Checklist
Home Energy Checklist for Action


Updated Energy resources from OilonIce.org

“We’ve gone a long ways toward wrecking ecosystems the world over, and in the far north in particular. And this damage will only get worse unless we leave that carbon in the ground. . . We’ve grown to like a steady supply of incredibly cheap fossil fuel. But we need to make the transition—quickly—to an entirely different way of powering our world.”

-Bill McKibben

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