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Letter, Fax, Phone, or Email?
(courtesy of the Sierra Club)

A typed or handwritten letter carries the most weight with any recipient. You can copy (and paste into your word-processing program) any of our pre-written, customizable messages. U.S. mail addresses for elected officials can be found on our Get Connected page.

Most of your Take Action messages from our site are sent via fax. However, for certain issues or in cases where we cannot find a fax number for the intended recipient of a message, we send your message by email instead.

A telephone call shows that you care enough to spend a little money, and if you can actually speak with the recipient, phone conversations offer unparalleled opportunity for feedback. For each Take Action item, along with the customizable message, we also offer you the intended recipient's phone number should you wish to follow up your message with a phone call.

Emails require less commitment from the sender. Recipients, of course, have this in mind when they read emails. However, the convenience - not to mention the potential to mobilize hundreds or even thousands of messages - makes email an indispensable tool in the activist's arsenal.

“This is the greatest wildlife spectacle we have in North America, here in the Arctic Refuge.”

-Bill Weber

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